I thought I’d wrap up a few great articles for you to read as you’re sitting around with nothing to do! (JK – I know you’re quite busy!) Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Help for the Holidays:
Lisa, over at A Bushel and A Peck, is always a wonderful source of encouragement and help to adoptive families. She’s mom to eleven (four adopted from Ethiopia) and is project Coordinator for From HIV to Home. She’s the one who linked to these handouts written by Deborah Gray for parents raising kids affected by histories of neglect, trauma and anxiety. There are two slightly different versions – one for parenting kids with trauma histories and one for children with anxiety. Good stuff to think about as a particularly stressful holiday season is upon us!

David and Daniel look like they’re enjoying Christmas very much!

Why A True Christmas May Hurt:
Stretch marks of a different kind.

It is inside of the family that the seed of redemption has been planted by God. And it began in Mary and Joseph’s family!