***Dec. 22nd update: She’s home, safe and sound!

**Dec. 21st update: Joy should be on a flight that arrives in Seattle this afternoon at 5:30! She had to buy a whole new ticket in order to get out before Christmas Eve. Bless their hearts, she and Ben spent 27 hours on that plane between Ethiopia and the US with two sick little ones.

photo courtesy of WABC-TV New York

Obviously that’s not Ethiopia. Nope, it’s a snapshot of the snowstorm that hit the east coast right before Joy’s plane was to land at Dulles in Washington D.C. this morning. They diverted to Newark where she is ‘stuck’ for an unknown length of time! Please pray that she can get caught up on some sleep and get home as soon as possible!

Clearing the runways photo courtesy of WABC-TV New York

One surprise is that Joy got to fly back to the States on the same flight as one of our adopting dads who was traveling alone to get his two children from Ethiopia. This wonderful dad had prepared to bring an 18-month old and an almost-three year old back by himself! The flight attendants on Ethiopian Airlines are famously helpful with adopting families and their needs but even so, who wouldn’t appreciate the help I know Joy must have been? Ben’s wife is very anxious to get her husband and two little ones home to join her and their very young son for Christmas!

photo courtesy of WABC-TV New York

We have three families traveling to Ethiopia for Dec. 22nd Embassy Dates – please pray also for their safe (and weather-free) travel.