Shaun Groves – musician, husband, father, blogger, Christ-follower – regularly spends his life seeking sponsors through Compassion International for children living in poverty. He travels all over the world so he can ‘be a voice’ for those in need. I love his blog because it’s honest and because it makes me uncomfortable – that’s a good thing.

There’s a little girl from Ethiopia who goes everywhere with me.

She just stands there expressionless, her skin ashen, her hair falling out, her feet missing toe nails, her tongue swollen, her two fingers pointing into her mouth in a silent plea for food.

When I want. When I say “I need,” “I’m poor” or “I’m starving.” When I’m tempted to buy something for someone this Christmas who already has everything. She stands there. She always stands there.

She represents the almost 30,000 kids under the age of five who will die today from poverty…

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