Joy is in Adama (or Nazaret) now, visiting our Widows and Orphans Home where we have a new nursery and several new arrivals! We also have new children coming in Addis Ababa – a sibling group of three and three others, including a two year old. We are so excited because we know of the overwhelming numbers of orphaned children there are in all of Ethiopia and we are getting more families who want to adopt. What a great privilege and huge responsibility it is to find loving homes for these precious ones!

While Joy is in Adama, she will be meeting the newest children, getting pictures and biographical information. Joy writes, “Today I bought a changing table/washtub (you lift up the changing table and there is a tub underneath). I used to have a play one like that for my dolls when I was little! We are getting a new nursery set up at the Widows and Orphans Home and the government told us to have at least 8 cribs.”

There are three siblings (7, 8 and 11) who were recently brought to the Widows and Orphans Home – very thin, with thread-bare clothes – who are wonderful children and who desperately need a family. There is a beautiful 9 year old girl living with her aunt who is unable to provide for her. Adoption Ministry has been paying tuition so she can attend school, where she is doing extremely well. Joy visited her at school and was so impressed with her progress. “She is a beautiful girl with no learning problems and she won’t have attachment issues – we really need to find her a home!”

On December 8th, Joy and Abebe will travel to Gimbie. We most likely won’t hear from her for a week or so, as there aren’t many internet connections available. The plan is to spend 4 days in Gimbie at our newest Widows and Orphans Home, 1 day in Dembidollo and 2 days in Nekemte. Please continue to pray for Joy and Abebe – there is much to be accomplished! And pray for the children in Ethiopia.

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in My name welcomes Me.” Mark 9:37