Here is the latest email from Joy – Day 2 in Ethiopia:

Salom! It has been a long day and I admit I am tired. It is a good tired, though. Hugging some of the most delightful children on the planet is invigorating and knowing that many of them are close to meeting the family who will love them forever is satisfying in a deep, emotional way that I can’t put into words.

So much happens in the course of a day that, looking back on it, I am amazed at what God allowed to happen! I met a little 2-year-old boy today who has myelomeningiocele and has all the complications associated with the most severe form of spina bifida. He is also cognitively challenged. But! He has a very loving father who is a strong Christian. His wife died of breast cancer one year ago and he is left to care for his son. It is obvious he is the best dad ever to this little boy, but it is also obvious that he cannot manage the care for him due to finances and time. It is a heartbreaking situation and I ached for this father. I hope I can find one or two sponsors for this little boy so he can get the physical therapy he needs and his father can hire some help. At the end of our time together, he asked me to pray for him and the words just tumbled out of me and I knew God was there and heard every petition and caught every tear. To me …. it seems such an impossible situation. For God …. He will redeem. I even prayed for a wife for this man! Yikes! (picture to come soon!)

Did you know that we are starting construction on a new Widows and Orphans Home in Nazaret (Adama)? I met with the architect today (now that is a whole other story about how God put him in this project!!) and he shared more about the building and timelines and cost projections, etc.. Afterward, he asked if I would pray for him – what an honor to bring this godly man before the throne of God!

Speaking of the W&OH, we have had three new children brought in …. a 3-month-old boy, a 1-month-old boy and a 2-year-old (not sure if a boy or girl). They were brought just today. Our YWAM team in Addis is working on getting six children paper ready ranging from ages 9 months to six years, and two more children have been brought to our orphanage in Gimbie but I don’t know a thing about them yet. We are busy and indications from the government officials are that we better gear up for more! I ask God only for the assignments He knows we can handle and have families for ….. so …..

Caio for now,