Joy has arrived safely in Ethiopia and spent her first full day in the capital of Addis Ababa. And it was a full day! She had a lovely lunch with Pastor Abdissa, who runs Children’s House International’s program in Ethiopia. He is a man of God with great integrity.

Abdissa Benti Leye

Seven of our children who have already ‘passed court’ and are living at the transitional house, The Thomas Center, that CHI has in Addis got to spend time with Joy today. She showed them pictures of their families here in the U.S. and helped them try on the new clothes their families sent. She said, “My heart swelled as they excitedly pointed to ‘Papa!’ and ‘Mama!’ and their new brothers and sisters, trying to remember their names that must sound so strange to them. They were all so patient waiting their turn. I guess I am a little prejudiced and will sound like the doting grandma I am, but I am thankful beyond words that God assigned these precious children to our orphanage and brought the perfect family for each one of them. Not only are every one of these children beautiful to look at (and they are that!), but they are exceptionally bright as well as loving and affectionate. I could eat them up with a spoon!”

Joy has asked for prayer for divine wisdom and ability to communicate clearly to those she is meeting with. Her plan is to try to get daily emails sent while she is in Addis – electricity permitting!