We’ll start off linking you up with two different sites about African hair! Be sure to browse around on both as they have several other links you’ll find really helpful. These will need to be added to your ‘Favorites’ for sure!

Happy Girl Hair: Here is a wonderful site for hair styling tips, products, the ‘politics’ of African hair, links to other haircare blogs, and more – all written by the mom of twin girls adopted from Ethiopia.

Beautiful African Hair: This blog, written by the biological mother of three and adoptive mother of seven, shares a wonderful post with tons of pictures and great suggestions for books and videos on caring for and styling your child’s hair! Awesome!

Meet Abarash, a mother of two who tells why having safe drinking water is important to her and her daughters. This video clip is a peek into the daily lives of so many in Ethiopia, who must trek many miles to find and carry water back to their homes. Adoption Ministry is working to provide water filters and clean water to many in villages near our orphanages. One way you can be part of this vital and life-saving work is by purchasing a bio-sand water filter for a family in Ethiopia. Please visit the gift catalog page of our website to find out how!

Growing In My Heart, Not Under It: Adoptive moms experience many of the stages of pregnancy while they wait for their child’s arrival. Thanks, Rachel, for sharing this wonderful article written by Andrea Kidd.

Celebrating Gotcha Day: One family’s joyful celebration of the day they ‘got’ their little girl from Ethiopia! Love these ideas!