We find that while the majority of families we work with want to adopt a baby or toddler, there are many families who feel called by God to adopt an older child. The need in Ethiopia is certainly great! But understandably, there are many considerations when you think of bringing a child into your family who has lived in another culture, with a very difficult lifestyle and a lack of parental influence.

Although the following video is 20+ minutes long, I think you’ll find it very helpful and informative if you’re thinking about adopting an older child. Tapestry is an adoption and foster care ministry out of Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas. This video was filmed at an event earlier this year and is the personal story of Darren and Sharon Macdonald, who adopted an 11 year old girl from Russia. Their story helps families to know some of what to expect, how to respond and where to turn for support when it comes to older child adoption.

There are unique joys and challenges when adopting an older child – but God confirms for each family exactly who He has chosen to complete their family unit. Please leave a comment here with your thoughts, experiences or questions!

Adopting the Older Child – Part 2 from Tapestry on Vimeo.