There are many things to consider when adopting internationally, not the least of which is how to best instill a sense of cultural identity into our children.

Adoption Ministry offers some excellent resources, including a transracial adoption workshop where many of the issues of raising a black child from Ethiopia in an American family are addressed and discussed. Things like how to incorporate ethnic foods and customs, maintaining the child’s sense of heritage, caring for their hair and skin and dealing with various reactions to being white parents of a black child from family, friends and strangers.

I’d also like to direct you to a couple of good articles from “Adoptive Families” magazine. The first is called Raising A Child of Another Race and is written by the mother of an adopted biracial son. The second is a collection of articles, book reviews and resources called Resources For Parenting A Child of African-American Heritage. Here you’ll find a wealth of information to encourage and inform you in this adventure! I’d love to hear your feedback!