Our team of 7 women are spending 11 days in Ethiopia, ministering to widows, teen girls and the children in our orphanages.

We are in Addis after returning from two nights in Gimbie. We have witnessed the real Africa! Last night as we were travelling we had to dodge cows, cattle, goats, monkeys and hyenas on the road! Can you believe it? Our eyes were as big as saucers as we rolled up to the hyenas on the road. It was night and their eyes were like saucers too! Amazing.

To travel and see the farming being done with no machinery and just with men and their oxen was a sight. At each stop our van was swarmed with Africans wanting to peer in to see the white ladies. We had many huge smiles with waves that moved the air! We are glad for all of the bubble gum that Lisa brought that we handed out the windows by the tons.

Gimble is very remote and the people there live very close to the ground – if not on the ground. We stayed in a hotel that will be remembered by all. It was 5 US dollars per night, per room with two people in it. Do the math! We have unbelievable stories about that place. God is sooo good and we are HAPPY for His provision in all ways.

Tezera, who is one of our directors, is a precious friend and great woman of God. We had such fun with her as she went with all of us to relieve ourselves in the jungle. She had a hoot as we all made a human wall of privacy. She behaved as our mother and fed us all sugar cane from the local children as we drove along. She is a preacher too and we were so blessed as she taught us from the scriptures during our twelve hour car ride–one way!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel last night and we all slept like babies. We had hot showers (no showers in Gimbie) and we ate a fantastic breakfast. We sat at the table, recalling the fame of the Lord, and we all cried and laughed. We are ‘Women to Women’ and that has been the theme of our trip – now in that same vein, we’re off to shop!!

Today we’ll shop and also visit the YWAM Children’s Home to see Abdissa and the children. Joan will also have time with her children.

We love you and we’re all anxious to finish strong and come home!

Kisses and hugs to all (four kisses on each cheek!),

Women to Women Team
Liane, Joan, Kim, Carolyn, Lisa, Amanda and Katie