Our team of 7 women are spending 11 days in Ethiopia, ministering to widows, teen girls and the children in our orphanages.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, the team will be visiting the village of Gimbie, which is located NW of Addis Ababa near the Sudanese border. Adoption Ministry is in the process of establishing a new orphanage in this town – the Orphans and Widows’ Home in Gimbie – working closely with a couple from California who are living there and serving at the Adventist Hospital. We have rented a house and are hiring nannies and staff to run the orphanage.

Gimbie is a 12 hour drive from Addis – so all day on Wednesday, the team traveled across the Ethiopian countryside! Thursday was spent meeting with Monica, the missionary mom who cares for the children and serves at the hospital. The team also met with some government officials who are helping to facilitate the establishment of the orphanage. God has given Adoption Ministry great favor with these men and women!

The team hopes to be a big encouragement to Monica – who cares for many children as well as her own and whose husband is currently in California. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have visitors from the U.S. to share and pray with! And if their paperwork is completed, there is a possibility that the team will bring four babies back to our orphanage in Adama! The return trip will be spread over two days so they’ll arrive back in Addis on Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy some pictures taken in Gimbie and please join us in praying for the team – for renewed strength to finish strong, for continued direction from God so that all of His purposes are accomplished and for travel safety and physical health!