Our team of 7 women are spending 11 days in Ethiopia, ministering to widows, teen girls and the children in our orphanages.

It is Sunday morning in Ethiopia. The team will be ‘having church’ with the teen girls at the hotel – sharing in worship, Scripture and prayer. I wish I could hear the songs they’ll be singing to the Lord – some very familiar to us and some in Amharic. But one God who delights to hear praise lifted from grateful hearts!
After lunch at the hotel, the team returns to the YWAM Children’s Home. Abdissa has a very vital ministry to the widows and orphans in the community near his home and our team will get to visit some of these women and children. Below are some pictures taken in one of the widows’ homes we visited last year. You can see that our team will be in some pretty primitive conditions – which are the daily reality for millions of people! It’s a humbling, unforgettable experience to be served coffee by a woman who can barely feed her family but who is so grateful to God for the help she’s receiving through the ministry.

In the afternoon, our team of seven, accompanied by Abebe, will take a 2 hour van ride to the town of Adama (also known as Nazret) which is southeast of the capitol city. It’s supposed to be about 84 degrees and cloudy today in Adama – they are in the middle of the rainy season in Ethiopia. A typical scene in Adama:

Tezera Kebede runs our Orphans & Widows’ Home in this bustling town, where horse carts and livestock share the road with cars and vans. Tezera and her husband had it on their hearts to provide a home for the marginalized widows and orphans in Adama. With God’s vision and YWAM’s support, their dream has become a reality!

The team will have dinner tonight at the ‘German Hotel’ in Adama, where they’ll stay for Sunday and Monday night. Keep them in your prayers! I promise if I hear anything from any of them, I will post it ASAP! If you hear anything, will you let me know?
posted by Becky