Our team of 7 women are spending 11 days in Ethiopia, ministering to widows, teen girls and the children in our orphanages.

I hope you’ll all bear with me as I attempt to give you a pretty good idea of what our Women to Women team is up to each day of their trip, keeping in mind that I’m generally doing this without any direct communication with the team itself!! I’ll give you a summary of what’s on their itinerary for the day, filling in with commentary and pictures I might have that ‘illustrate’ the locations and scenes they’re possibly visiting. (When they come home, they’ll probably read this and say, “We never did that!” or “Which trip is she talking about? Certainly not ours!” So I apologize in advance!

As I type this, it is 4:40 am on Saturday in Ethiopia. The team is (prayerfully) sound asleep, soon to be awakened by the Muslim call to prayer that is broadcast over the loudspeaker system throughout the city at around 5:00 each morning. That will be followed by the bells at the Catholic church where they’re staying at about 6:00 am. It’s different than waking up to your local Christian radio station, or even the buzzer on your alarm clock! It’s an immediate reminder that you’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

Today will be dedicated to the teenaged girls at YWAM’s Children’s Home. After breakfast at the Guest House – where Abebe’s wife, Abonesh, and their oldest daughter, Nardos, will join the team – they’ll plan and pray for their special time with those young women. All of these girls have been rescued by Abdissa from life on the streets of Addis Ababa. None have had a mother or father in the picture in the recent past and most have been subject to the effects of extreme poverty. At YWAM, they’ve been provided with tuition to attend school, food and clothing, safety and, most importantly, each has made Christ the Lord of their lives.

The whole group will spend the day focused on making these young women feel loved, encouraged and very special. I think there might be some shopping in the works, possibly some hair and nail make-overs, sharing of testimonies, meals, gifts, prayer times and lots of laughter. Can you imagine how fun it will be for both groups? They’ll be staying at the Damu Hotel in Addis, one of the nicer hotels in the city.

Lord, give this wonderful group of women an absolutely awesome time together! Break down any walls due to cultural differences and bind them together as sisters. Mend broken hearts. Give them a freedom to be themselves and receive from each other out of Your love and goodness. Thank You for making such a retreat possible and do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all that they’re able to imagine!

posted by Becky