Quoted by new and absolutely unbiased parents!

Isn’t she gorgeous? Blen came to YWAM’s orphanage when she was two months old and immediately was a favorite. Her big eyes, ready smile and dimples would melt the coldest of hearts.

About the time Blen was born, Tim and Anne Kalkbrenner were in the throes of making up their minds about whether to adopt domestically or internationally. After much deliberation and attending a two day adoption seminar, they began their homestudy with YWAM to adopt from Ethiopia.

Tim and Anne are both nurses at Children’s Hospital in Seattle and had no children. When it came time to talk about a referral, they saw pictures of Blen and fell in love. Who wouldn’t? Several months later Adoption Ministry’s director traveled to Ethiopia and put Tim and Anne’s picture in Blen’s crib and told her she was going to be adopted by a fantastic couple who would love her totally. Two months later, the Kalkbrenners flew to Ethiopia. They were welcomed by Adoption Ministry’s Ethiopian representative, Abebe, and were escorted to their guest house to rest from the exhausting flight. The next day Abebe’s family invited them to go to church with them and they had a lovely time at church as well as interacting with Abebe’s three children and wife.
The following day Abebe took them two hours south to the town of Adama to see where Blen had her beginnings. “We so enjoyed going to the orphanage where Blen was from and seeing the town. What an experience!” Of course, the highlight and best part was when they returned to Addis and went to CHI’s Thomas Center where Blen was and got to hold their precious daughter for the very first time.

The paperwork, the wait, the travel …. worth it all when they looked at their 10-month-old baby daughter who they think is the most perfect little girl in the world. On their way back to the Seattle area they detoured to New Mexico to spend some time with grandparents and show off their new addition. Tim and Anne’s nursing jobs are flexible and they can design their schedules so one of them will always be home with Baby Blen. She has brought such fulfillment and joy to the Kalkbrenners, and we say to them …. CONGRATULATIONS (you lucky ducks)!