In Ethiopia, the months of June, July and August are known as ‘The Hunger Season’ because the next harvest is not until September and stored food supplies are gone. Rations must be brought in from outside of the country and the BBC is reporting that those sources have dried up: UN ‘runs out of aid for Ethiopia.’

I’m old enough to remember the pictures on tv in the 1970’s showing the starving children of Ethiopia – with distended stomachs and skin stretched tight over tiny bones. When I read the article linked above, I can’t really imagine so many people waiting for food that may not ever come.

All of the children that YWAM Ethiopia serves have come from extreme poverty and are being fed through the generous sponsorship and donations of our supporters. Thank you so much for your involvement and giving! All of us need to ask God how we can be a part of the solution. There are no easy answers but awareness and prayer is the first step.

For a really informative look at this crisis, please click over to view the video called Crisis in the Horn of Africa which the World Food Programme has produced.