Yesterday Liane received a phone call from Mark in Ethiopia and here is some of what he shared:

Today is Easter Sunday in Ethiopia. Yesterday Mark and Abdissa went to purchase the goat that they will kill and eat. Before you kill the goat, you kill a chicken and eat it – and picking the right goat and chicken is a lengthy ordeal as there are very specific things to look for in these animals (I wonder what they are??). The week of celebrations and observances leading up to Easter are a big part of the Christian culture there, especially for Thursday and Good Friday.

When Mark, Joy and Abebe went to Gimbie, they met a couple – nurses at the hospital there – who are adopting two babies. Last week they came to Addis Ababa and also to Adama at Tezera’s Orphans and Widows’ Home where many of the children from Gimbie will be transferrred for adoption. Scott was on the roof of the compound doing some electrical work and was severely electrocuted. Mark said he had never seen such a sight! Scott fell about 15 feet to the ground from the shock. Mark ran to him and said he was white as a sheet. He was ready to perform CPR but Scott was breathing and awake. They took him to the hospital, as he did have a broken arm, but that was all! Mark said it was a PURE miracle that he was not killed. Praise the Lord!

Please keep Mark in your prayers as he has one more week in Ethiopia and many things need to be accomplished. More details about the things God is doing coming soon!