by Liane Wolbert
God works in unique and miraculous ways! Several months ago, Joy received a contact from a couple who were serving in a village hospital in Gimbie, near the Sudanese border of Ethiopia. Would Adoption Ministry in Ethiopia be able to help with their process of adopting two young children? Being willing to respond to God’s open doors, Joy and Mark are traveling to this region today, to meet with this couple to start the process of adoption with Adoption Ministry. The estimated time of their travel from Addis is eight hours on dirt roads through the beautiful and, at times, desolate countryside. These travels will undoubtedly create visual memories with sounds and smells that will be impossible to fully describe when they return. When we were in Ethiopia a year ago we had a simular excursion that can only be described as, “A Day on the Discovery Channel.” Here is a short youtube video that begins with the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Gimbie where Joy and Mark will be staying. Can you imagine staying in a hospital when you are not a patient?! We have speculated what this might be like and yet we know that the atmosphere, care, and needs are not like anything we have experienced in our Western culture. We are expecting to hear amazing stories of God’s unique and miraculos ways!
(Please read the March 16 post titled “Where Have All The Babies Gone?” for a firsthand account from a nurse at the Gimbie hospital then join us in praying for Joy and Mark as they serve there!)