Here is our first email correspondance from the team of Joy, Mark, Ben and Jeff. (I’ve combined their comments in this post.) As you can tell from their discovery about the internet in Ethiopia, we won’t be hearing from them daily so we’ll just pray for them and be really grateful for any correspondance we can get!!

We arrived safely after 30 hours of travel. There were no problems and delays so that was an answer to prayer. We are all healthy and well rested too. Our team is working really well together. We’re here & doing just great! Yesterday we visited children in the community, so busy we didn’t stop to eat lunch! I’m not complaining – it was so good to see where kids live and how they are connected to uncles, aunts and families, etc… The people are very friendly and hospitable.

We are currently at the YWAM base using Abdissa’s dial-up service. I have a new appreciation for broadband service! We have no access to reliable phone or internet systems.

We’ve spent a lot of time interviewing and taking photo and video of children that have been identified as eligible for adoption. We are working with our in-country YWAM A.M. representative Abebe. He’s set up all of the appointments and keeps us on schedule.

Joy, Abebe and the social workers interview the guardian or caregiver of the child. Mark, Jeff and Ben take the kids out to play with a ball and get interactive video of them playing and having fun. It’s amazing how a simple ball can transcend any cultural or language barriers. These kids are very much loved by their caregiver but are faced with the burden of poverty and health tragedies. The photos and videos will be used on our adoption website so it’s important for us to get quality footage. Most of the kids speak a little bit of English.

For continued prayer, we could ask for protection for our team as we continue visiting and traveling to orphanages. Also for direction and clarity on what God wants for the ministry. Please also pray for the meetings with the orphans and widows. We want to see with the eyes of Christ and touch them with the hands of Christ and love them with the heart of Christ. Thank you all very much for your continued prayers over this ministry.