The internet is an iffy proposition in much of Ethiopia. I’m sure there is a high-speed connection somewhere but when I was there last year, we only found dial-up. And even that was a bit sketchy. One computer we used said it had over 1000 viruses!! So we’re just waiting to hear from Joy and the team about their arrival and how things are going so far.

As I type this at 10:30 pm Pacific time, it is 8:30 am on Saturday in Addis. (I know this because of that cool clock to the left!) After breakfast at the Catholic Guest House, the team is scheduled to visit some of the children in the YWAM community-based program (several of whom have been identified as ready for adoption). I know they will be spending time at the YWAM Children’s Home with Abdissa and the kids, who will be overjoyed to see them. And tonight they’ll take our dear Abebe, his wife Abonesh and their family to dinner. Abebe bends over backwards to facilitate our visits and has been such a HUGE gift to the ministry. He is humble, thoughtful, detail-oriented, smart, wise and very very funny! If you think of him, please pray for God’s favor on his ministry and his family. He is truly one in a million.

Just as soon as I hear something from Joy or Mark, I promise I’ll post it!!

Love, Becky