If you had asked me just over a year ago if I would ever travel to ETHIOPIA to help in establishing an adoption ministry, I would not have believed you. How about you? Does it stretch you just a little bit even to consider going across the world to a part of God’s creation so beautiful yet so stricken with poverty and its resulting effects?

God has done such a work in my heart. Just so you know, I’m a homebody. I dearly love to be comfortable – not overindulged but definitely comfy. When I thought of Africa, I thought of AIDS, starvation, orphans. And those things brought fear to my heart because I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t know what I could do. When God began opening doors for me to go, I realized it was an answer to something I’d been praying for several months previous – ‘Lord, help me to know You – the way You love me and love people.’ This has been the greatest gift I’ve received as a result of being obedient to GO.

So I want to encourage you – if you’ve never even thought about actually stepping out in faith to minister to those in desperate need, take some time alone with God to see if it’s something He wants you to do!

We have several opportunities and they include men, women and even teenagers. The first trip is for men only:

MEN’S EXTREME TEAM: Mar. 27th – April 6th Experience life in a remote Ethiopian village, helping to provide assistance for a village school. This will be an extreme camping trip with no electricity, ‘Western’ plumbing or running water!


HANDS Team: June 24th – July 7th Plumbing, construction, painting & electrical – a really practical and hands-on way to meet needs
WOMEN to WOMEN: July 8th – 21st Women reaching out to teenaged girls and widows – this is an opportunity to love these dear young & older women with an outpouring of Christ’s love

CHILD EVANGELISM: July 25th – Aug 6th Bring the gospel to children via carnivals – you will join a multi-national team of all ages to creatively reach out to some very receptive kids

Please visit our website’s Missions page and check out more details about these opportunities to be used by God and blessed beyond what you can imagine!

In His great love,