Hello! Today is October 23rd and I will try to make this short. If I can get this out, it will be the last email I send. It is very, very difficult finding good internet service ….
Today we left the precious children in Adama and headed for Addis. We brought two babies who are going to be adopted to the transition home and we brought the baby boy I told you about to have an echocardiogram. I am also going to try to get him in to see a really good pediatrician we heard about to see what is going on with this little boy.
It was very hard to leave the children and babies …. very hard. In the five days I have been with them, I have grown to love each of them … big and small … The older children have drawn me so many pictures and written love notes to me that are a treasure.
I am happy to say that I accomplished everything I set out to do in Adama: all the children are processed through the Adama court (thus, are ready for adoption) and I got much more information on almost every child. We hung mosquito netting over every crib in the nursery and set up sanitary procedures. The nannies working with the babies are very lovely, caring women who love on the babies and take the best care of them. They were sad to see two babies leave today … and yet happy they will have their very own family. Another baby boy will soon leave for the transitional home.
Yesterday we spent time with all the widows in the community as well as the ones living in the Orphans and Widows’ Home. We bought flour to distribute to the community women and it was fun to watch them patiently wait their turn as the flour was measured into their bag and then hoist it on their back tied with a cloth. It was fun to play with the children …
I am extremely tired and have a busy day tomorrow. I will meet with the YWAM Children’s Director and see what we can do for the sick little baby boy. We have an appointment to have the results of the echo explained to us.

Only two more days and I head home. I am anxious to see my hubby and to have a couple of days to sleep before Monday rolls around.