Greetings from Ethiopia!
Today we traveled from Addis Ababa to Adama. Adama is about two hours from Addis and is much hotter than Addis with flowers blooming enthusiastically everywhere. I really like Adama. After we checked into our hotel and had lunch, Mark, Abebe and I went to the Joseph’s Children’s Home. This is the orphanage where we have opened up a nursery. Two new babies and one new toddler have been brought within the last week. The two babies were abandoned …. and they are precious! The Young family (who is adopting a 2-year-old from our other orphanage) sent a suitcase full of baby clothes. The nannies were delighted to get them and immediately put new clothes on all the babies! We lined all seven of them up and took their picture. I was in my height of glory holding babies …. they are soooo adorable!
There was a meeting set up by the orphanage director for me to meet their board. The board president spoke for a long time and then I addressed the group and then we had coffee ceremony. Yes, I drank a cup of coffee! It wasn’t too bad with sugar. Then we got to do what we really wanted to do … interact with the children. I wish each of you could come and see these lovely, gentle children … they are a treasure. A young girl, probably 12, prepared the coffee ceremony and served us. She was so poised and truly gifted in hospitality … you could tell she was honored to serve.
Tomorrow we are visiting several of the community children’s homes, will spend time at the Orphans and Widows’ Home, and we have a meeting set up with our attorney who will give us a status on all the children’s court proceedings and explain to me in more detail just how orphans need to be prepared for adoption. Every day is chocked full and my only wish is that I would have more time here. Ah, well …. I will do the best I can with the time allotted.
I love the balmy breezes, blue skies, and sunshine! It is such a joy to be doing what I am here …. Even though we are working many long hours, I feel like I am on vacation! For those of you who are praying for me, I thank you! There are many decisions that are expected of me, and I certainly need wisdom from above! I am thankful He put Abebe at my side, and I glean from his wise counsel. I also have had a wonderful time with Mark Wolbert and am taking full advantage of his insights. He is a gifted man and it has been so good to receive his “take” on situations. Isn’t God so good to put these two amazing men alongside me?
I send my best to each of you!