We hope this blog becomes a place for many to learn about international adoption, share their stories of adopting from Ethiopia and spark the interest of many to adopt one or more of these precious children who are in desperate need of a family. I am the Adoption Ministry/Ethiopia administrator and work on keeping our website up to date, communicating with families interested in adopting and learning as much as I can about the process. Joy Casey is our Adoption Ministry director and a wonderful source of help and information. Liane Wolbert is one of our social workers who does many of our homestudies in Washington state, where our ministry is located. Both Joy and Liane will be contributors to this blog. The three of us traveled together to Ethiopia in April where we spent time at both of the orphanages we’re working with – one in Addis Ababa and one in Adama. We now have another orphanage in Adama, the Orphan and Widow’s Home, which we’ve helped to start with the help of some very generous donors. We’ve begun a sponsorship program as well, which is a part of our humanitarian work in Ethiopia. Please do check out our website for lots of great information, pictures and opportunities to get involved. http://www.ywamethiopia.com/
Becky Burns

Here’s a little slideshow of our April trip to Ethiopia!

Click to play Ethiopia 2008